How to Write Nonprofit Web Content: Food Security

Here at Your Remarkable Nonprofit, I’m starting a series of “over the shoulder” tutorials on different types of content for different types of nonprofits.

Today, it’s all about web content for a food security organization.

Many nonprofits have a hard time making their web content compelling for donors, so I’m here with some helpful advice, like an army recruiter, to make your web content all it can be.

In thisĀ first tutorial, I created a package for a fictitious food security nonprofit.

In the video below, I explain the first important step in putting together web content along with ideas to improve:

  • Your About page, so that readers are drawn into every word you say
  • Your Donation page, so that you connect right away to would-be donors and hit all the right buttons
  • Your Thank-you email, so that your donors get that all-important invite to learn more about you

You can go through the PDF underneath as you watch the video, which is just five minutes long.

So take a break, grab a quick coffee and learn some ways to make your web pages irresistible.